Strengthening Our Schools

The Supreme Court has made it clear: We need to make education a higher priority in our state budget. I’ve worked to keep our commitment to our public schools by supporting early learning, supporting local control of our schools, simplifying testing, while recruiting and retaining high-quality teachers.

I am excited to stay on the front lines supporting excellent public schools.

Fighting For Our Share Of Transportation Dollars

No one should have to choose between being with their family and being stuck in traffic. I worked for millions of dollars in new investments in the latest transportation package to relieve congestion on the freeways in our region. We have more work to do in the next legislative session to increase investments and I will be there fighting for our district.

Creating Jobs

As a champion for the Public Works Trust Fund and a former member of the Community Economic Revitalization Board, I have worked to help communities all over our state build their top priority economic development projects.  I fought to strengthen our Buy Washington laws to make sure local companies get the first crack at state and local contracts so our hard-earned dollars create jobs here, not overseas.

Protecting Our Clean Air and Water

Our beautiful natural surroundings are part of our quality of life in the Northwest. I have worked as Vice-Chair of the Capitol Budget Committee to save natural open spaces and recreational areas, especially supporting the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) and state parks. I will continue to work keep Washington State one of the most beautiful places to live in the world.

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